Quarry Gray vs Estate Gray: A Comprehensive Guide


Never overlook the color of your roof!

Choosing the best shade for your property’s roof tiles is crucial for keeping your aesthetic concise.

While many colors work well for roofing, Quarry Gray and Estate Gray lead the pack.

Quarry Gray vs Estate Gray

Here’s what you need to know when considering Quarry Gray vs Estate Gray:

  • Both colors are available in Owens Corning’s ‘Duration’ shingles range.
  • Estate Gray is better for locking in heat, while Quarry Gray reflects sunlight.
  • Estate Gray shingles (in the ‘Oakridge’ range) are slightly cheaper than Quarry Gray.

What are Quarry Gray and Estate Gray?

Quarry Gray and Estate Gray are two leading colors in Owens Corning’s roofing tiles catalog. Both are available in the company’s popular ‘Duration’ line.

Interestingly, Estate Gray is available in three of the company’s shingle lines. If you choose Oakridge, Duration, or Duration Flex, you’ll benefit from either shade.

Visually, there’s not too much to choose between either option. Quarry Gray appears a little softer on the eye and is therefore a great choice for houses painted in milder tones. Of course, you have a wider selection of shingle types with Estate.

Why should I choose Quarry Gray?

quarry gray roof

Quarry Gray shingles, while only available in the Duration line, are great for cool-toned homes. They’re also ideal for keeping the heat off your roof as they will reflect any sunshine that bears down.

You should consider buying Quarry Gray shingles if the outside of your home is a neutral color. Consider beiges and browns or even lighter shades to blend delicately. You could even choose a light tone or shade of blue or gray to complement.

Why should I choose Estate Gray?

Estate Gray is a fantastic shingle color if you want to lock heat in. It’s deeper and darker than Quarry Gray, meaning it’s perfect for colder homes and cooler neighborhoods.

Estate Gray works best with warmer exterior shades of yellow and red. However, it’ll also pair well with beige and brown, with some deeper blue tones pairing well for dramatic effect.

You should also choose Estate Gray over Quarry Gray if your home is predominantly brick in construction. Orange housebrick complements the darker tones to help bring out the best in your home’s exterior.

Are Estate Gray shingles more durable than Quarry Gray shingles?

Technically, yes, but only because the Oakridge line of shingles withstands higher speeds than other lines. As mentioned, you can only purchase Quarry Gray shingles in Owens Corning’s Duration line.

Oakridge shingles are fantastic for keeping roofs robust against high winds. An Estate Gray shingle setup can resist up to 130 miles per hour in direct wind. Duration shingles are 20 miles per hour weaker.

This should only be a minor concern if you’re investing in Owens Corning shingles, period. All shingles from this brand arrive with waterproof barriers that prevent mold.

You’ll also find that both Quarry Gray and Estate Gray shingles protect your roof from algae and rain damage. Many other colors in the Owens Corning catalog follow suit, too.

Are Quarry Gray shingles better at gripping than Estate Gray shingles?

Both are impressively strong! Although Duration shingles (i.e. Quarry Gray) are weaker in high winds, they arrive with SureNail.

SureNail is Owens Corning’s patented system for better fastening shingles against nail pulling and accidental removal. This is the standard with Duration shingles, while the Oakridge line goes without.

As you can purchase either Quarry Gray or Estate Gray in Duration or Oakridge lines, there’s no truth to one being quicker to grip than the other.

Are Quarry Gray shingles more energy efficient than Estate Gray shingles?

No, there’s no real difference between the two shingle styles regarding energy efficiency. Thankfully, all Owens Corning shingles reflect the sun to prevent overheating.

Both Quarry Gray and Estate Gray shingles are CO2 friendly thanks to Energy Star certification. Both options are great choices if you’re keen to keep your home as green as possible.

Are Quarry Gray and Estate Gray the same products?

Quarry Gray and Estate Gray the same products

In many ways, yes, Quarry Gray and Estate Gray are both shingle types that are simply available in different shades.

The difference is that you can buy more shingles in Estate Gray than Quarry Gray. You have a wider choice in durability and protection against the elements.

Thankfully, both shingle colors receive warranty protection directly through Owens Corning. You can choose from one of four protection options applicable to all lines. You can also add on extra protection against algae and blow-off.

What’s more expensive – Quarry Gray or Estate Gray?

Based on costs per square foot, you’ll pay more for Quarry Gray than Estate Gray. As Quarry Gray shingles are only available in the Duration line, you’ll pay $100 for every square foot.

Comparatively, Estate Gray shingles in the Oakridge line retail at $90 for each square foot. Keep in mind, too, that other roofing materials and installation (should you need it) add to the cost. The prices listed here are purely for raw shingles!

Costs for installation across Quarry Gray and Estate Gray shingles are likely to be very similar given their lines. While Estate Gray is slightly cheaper as-is, it’s still only recommended for darker, bolder-toned homes in colder climates.


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Are Quarry Gray and Estate Gray Owens Corning’s most popular shingle colors?

Both shades of gray are highly popular with homeowners, but the 9% Onyx Black appears more on-trend. Thankfully, both Quarry and Estate Gray shingles are unlikely to date quickly as they match well with various shades.

Both Quarry Gray and Estate Gray work well as shingle colors for various types of home roof. It may not be easy to measure them in popularity, as people choose them based on applicability to their properties!

Should I choose Quarry Gray if my house exterior is dark-toned?

You should avoid choosing Quarry Gray if you have a dark or deep-toned exterior. Ensure your shingle colors are darker or at least comparable to your home siding.

This technique can help make your home exterior look easier on the eye. A good rule to follow is to compare it with other houses in your neighborhood built in similar styles.

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