Landmark Moire Black Vs. Charcoal Black

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A roof’s color and style contribute significantly to a house’s appearance and appeal.

Asphalt shingles are a popular choice, being one of the most budget-friendly options for a costly operation.

Landmark Moire Black vs Charcoal Black

Once you’ve decided on the shingles, the color is the next important decision you have to make.

How does Landmark moire black compare to charcoal black? These CertainTeed products are two of the twelve colors available in the Landmark range. Charcoal black is one of the darkest shades of the twelve shingles shades, while moire black borders on a very dark gray. Charcoal also has more variation in its color.

Landmark Moire Black
Video of Landmark Moire Black on a roof
Video of Landmark Charcoal Black on a roof

The Similarities And Differences Between Moire And Charcoal

There’s good news if it’s come down to a choice between moire black and charcoal black for your roof’s shingles. Both shades match nearly every color house! Unless your house is a very dark color, of course.

What’s The Difference In Color?

One wouldn’t necessarily realize there are different shades of black. Moire black and charcoal black form part of CertainTeed’s black palette in their Landmark shingles range. Some Landmark colors look very similar, and many people can’t tell the difference between moire black and charcoal black.

Charcoal black is the darker of the two shades, with moire black leaning more towards a very dark gray.

Only when you compare the shingles side by side or check them online can you see the differences in shades.

When deciding on your shingles, ask the roofing company to give you sample boards of moire black and charcoal black. You can stand them up against the house to see which one will match your home’s exterior the best.

Stack a few samples next to each other on the roof, too. This will give you a better idea of how they look in natural light.

You can also ask for a list of houses with roof colors that interest you. Do a drive-by to see if you like the shade and whether it will suit your home.

What’s The Pattern Difference Between Moire And Charcoal?

Although charcoal black is darker than moire black, it has more variation in shades than the latter. Moire black is a  more solid, uniform shade.

How Are Moire Black And Charcoal Black Similar?

Both colors come from the same range of shingles, known as Landmark. Let’s look at some of their common traits.

How Durable Are The Products?

All CertainTeed’s roofing products use their unique Quadrabond technology to layer the shingles securely to withstand heavy wind and weather.

Landmark moire and charcoal shingles also have copper-infused granules on their surfaces for protection against algae. They call this technology StreakFighter.

All roofing products also use a high-grade pliable adhesive to bond the shingles together on the roof. This is known as CertaSeal and prevents the wind from lifting and blowing the shingles off the roof. It also prevents moisture infiltration and counteracts minor structural shifts resulting from years of weather changes.

The different types of technology used in the roofing series apply to the entire Landmark range. Thus, both moire black and charcoal black shingles have excellent durability.

Choosing Between Moire Black And Charcoal Black Shingles

While the colors differ only slightly, you still need to decide which shade will suit your home better. Start with the table that matches house color to shingle color.

House ColorShingle Color
Wooden or logGreen, black, gray, or brown
WhiteAlmost any color, including gray, brown, black, blue, and green
Cream/BeigeGreen, blue, black, brown, gray
BrownGreen, blue, grey, brown
GrayGreen, blue, what, black, gray
RedGreen, gray, black, dark brown

The shingles on your roof should complement the color and design of your home. The table indicates that nearly any color house can take black and gray shingles. But there are other points to consider when choosing between moire and charcoal shades for your shingles.

If the color of your brickwork is multicolored or has a busy pattern, moire black would be the better choice. Its uniform color will complement the exterior of the home. A shade with a lot of variation, like charcoal, would compete rather than complement.

Allow all exterior aspects of your home to guide you in your choice of shingle color. It should not clash with external features like shutters, windows, or siding.

A more subtle exterior finish will look good with shingles more varied in color, like charcoal black. The different tones will pick up the colors of the windows, shutters, and other features and accentuate the appearance.

Another consideration when choosing shingle color is the architectural style of your home. Will a darker, more varied shade like charcoal black complete the look? Or does your house require the softer, solid moire black to complement the style?

Lastly, you could look around your immediate neighborhood to compare the roof shades, particularly on similar houses to your own. Blending in with nearby houses can create an added aesthetic appeal to the area and your home.

Educate Yourself

Before  anyone works on your roof, do a little research on the roofing process. Familiarize yourself with the materials and the steps involved. That way, you can ensure that the job is being done well and no costly shortcuts are taken. Also, make sure that your roofing specialist is licensed and insured.


Landmark moire black and charcoal black shingles come from the same range. They are equal in strength and durability because the same technology is used to manufacture both colors. The only differences between the moire black shingles and the charcoal ones are the color and pattern.

A decision between moire black comes down to personal preference and the style of your house. Always set samples up to see which looks best in the natural light. And take the time to compare other homes with the same shade. Then get your roof on as soon as possible, so the rain doesn’t get in.

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