Does Taj Mahal Quartzite Counters Go With White Cabinets

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Your white cabinets are now in place, and you are considering the natural stone Taj Mahal quartzite.

It is elegant, durable, and heat resistant, with the look of marble and the strength of granite.

Does Taj Mahal Quartzite counters match with white cabinets? Taj Mahal quartzite is the most popular countertop because of its beauty and strength. It can be matched to white kitchen cabinets by choosing a darker tone Taj Mahal countertop and adding a colorful wall and floor tiles, furniture, and dedicated lighting.

This discussion will show you how the Taj Mahal quartzite color variety could match your white kitchen cabinets. I will also suggest beautiful and cheaper alternatives to the Taj Mahal quartzite countertops from which you can choose.

Does Taj Mahal Quartzite Counters Go With White Cabinets

Matching Taj Mahal Quartzite With White Cabinets

Taj Mahal quartzite has soft tones of creamy, tan, and white with very subtle white, amber, and gold veining. As such, it would be a natural match with kitchen cabinets that are white or off-white, which includes eggshell, vanilla, ivory, and light cream.

The advantage of this type of color-matching is that it gives the white kitchen a subtle variety of tones. Taj Mahal quartzite has the bright and rich appearance of white marble, with other deeper tones created by the minerals used to forge the quartzite.

Other Quartzite Countertops That Go With White Cabinets

Other Quartzite Countertops That Go With White Cabinets

Having read through this discussion, you may have decided that you would rather match your white kitchen cabinets with another countertop. This may be a financial decision, as Taj Mahal Quartzite comes at a hefty price. You may be looking for quartzites in different tones.

Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite

This quartzite is blue, gray, and tan, veining on a white background. In addition to its incredible beauty, his quartzite is durable, scratchproof, and acid and stain resistant.

Azurra Bay Quartzite

The stone’s gray and white layer has a light blue background. It has a beautiful gray tone. It is a wonderful choice for indoor and outdoor use but is popular for kitchen countertops.

Verde Karzai Green Quartzite

The stone has a marble effect in a mixture of green tones. As a quartzite, the stone has a naturally created mix of colors based on the mineral of which it is made. The Verde Karzai green quartzite is widely used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Galapagos Quartzite

This stone’s primary color is silver, gray, and brown, with gray, black, and dark green patterns. The stone is ideal for kitchen countertops, mosaic tiling, and outdoor applications.

Kalahari Quartzite

The Kalahari has grey, green and brown veins with a creamy beige background. This exotic stone is perfect for countertops and other kitchen surfaces due to its strength, easy-to-maintain properties, and sheer beauty.

Glacier Wave Quartzite

This is a soft dove gray stone with wave-effect on the top and a marble feel. This strong, durable, scratch-resistant, and high-density stone is the perfect choice for one’s countertop.

Other Stones

Granite and marble countertops are available in various colors. Quartzites have an advantage over the other two: they have the look of marble and the strength of granite in a single product.


The Taj Mahal quartzite is a beautiful, strong, and durable stone. It is a sought-after product despite its high price. When adding wall and floor tiling, furniture, and dedicated lighting, the Taj Mahal quartzite will match one’s white cabinets perfectly.

Due to their marble look and granite strength, those who prefer other quartzites will find alternatives in different colors, tones, and prices.

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