What Size Of TV Should Go Over My Fireplace? Avoid Mistakes.


There’s nothing like a cozy fireplace in the front lounge to warm up those fall and winter nights.

However, if your lounge is anything like mine, you may find the fire competing with the TV for attention!

Is there a sizing rule if you’re mounting a TV above the fireplace?

Size Of TV Should Go Over My Fireplace

What size TV over fireplace fits best, for example? Ideally, your TV should be at least six inches smaller than your fire but no more than eight inches smaller. You can comfortably set up a 55-inch TV above a full-size fireplace without it causing visual distraction.

Why does TV size matter if you have a fireplace?

During colder months, TVs and fireplaces demand a lot of visual attention as we spend more time indoors together. It’s therefore important to find a careful, visual balance so that neither your TV nor your fireplace overpowers the other.

If your TV is bigger than your fireplace, your lounge may feel less personal and even less warm.

If you use your lounge frequently for watching TV, you’ll probably want to keep it a focal point. Having a fireplace that’s much larger than your screen can be distracting.

I’ve tried the 55-inch TV rule myself, and while fireplaces come in many different sizes, this upper limit works well. 

Where should I position my TV above my fireplace?

position my TV above my fireplace

Try and position your TV so it’s comfortably within your eye level and not too close to the ceiling. Installing your TV too high up the wall may strain your neck and eyes. 

If possible, ask one or two friends to help hold your TV in position while you sit and observe. Ask them to raise or lower your unit carefully, and mark the most comfortable position above your fireplace.

If you want to avoid straining your friends’ backs, try cutting a piece of card equal to the screen’s size. Are you able to focus on the card without lifting your head upwards?

Do also consider heat from the fireplace – your TV’s at risk of overheating if it’s too close. Consider a gap of at least eight inches between your TV if you’re using an electric fireplace. Even better, use a mantelpiece to bridge between the two, following the same measurements.

Consider installing a hood or guard if you’re using a traditional fireplace. Heat can seriously damage flat-screen TVs, with plasma models most at risk, from electric or real fires.

The size of your TV may also dictate how high up the wall you install it. For example, the larger the TV, the higher off the floor it should mount. Consider mounting your TV around 56-58 inches off the ground if you have a model that’s 40-44 inches large.

Can I position my 65-inch TV over my fireplace?

position my 65-inch TV over my fireplace

You can, but you’ll need an extremely large fireplace and unit to balance it out!

Of course, your ideal size ratio also depends on what you’d like your main focal point to be! If it’s a warmer month and your fireplace isn’t in use, there’s less risk in housing a larger TV.

If you want to buy a large TV but are worried about your fireplace, try the ‘card trick’ detailed above. If possible, attach a 65-inch piece of paper or card to your wall and see how it looks in balance.

If this doesn’t work out, try placing your TV elsewhere in your room but still complimenting your fire. You could:

  • Place your TV on a unit next to your fireplace
  • Place your TV perpendicular to your fireplace, on a unit or cabinet
  • Recess your TV in a nearby unit so your fireplace doesn’t compete

What else can I do with a TV bigger than a fireplace?

If you’re set on wall-mounting, consider extending the look of your fireplace to balance it out. For example, try adding an extra frame or sidings to extend the width of your fire. 

You could also redecorate to make your TV stand out less. Why not consider wallpapering or painting your mounted wall in a dark shade or in complete black? If your fireplace is housed in a lighter shade, it’ll stand out all the more.


faqs Size Of TV Should Go Over My Fireplace

Can I mount a 75-inch TV above a fireplace?

It’s possible to mount a large TV over a fireplace this size, but there’s an increased risk of heat damage. The larger the TV, the harder it is to provide a safe gap between your fireplace and the screen.

Experts recommend 55 inches as the upper limit, though you can make a 65-inch TV fit with some creativity.

What’s a good way to blend a TV with a fireplace?

Try and decorate behind your TV in a similar shade or even color altogether. Want to give more focus to your fire? Consider matching the tone of your fireplace with a secondary shade behind your TV.

Neutral shades work brilliantly when blending TVs and fireplaces. Alternatively, pure black can ‘hide’ a TV and really bring your fireplace forward visually.

Can I install a TV above a gas fireplace?

It’s not always safe to install a TV above a gas fireplace as the heat may damage your set. Try and install a hood on your fire to prevent heat leakage, or separate the two with a mantelpiece.

A combination of the above, along with recessing your TV into the wall, may also help to prevent damage.

How can I hide TV cables when wall mounting above a fireplace?

Consider recessing cables into your wall. If you’re yet to mount your TV and your wall allows it, try knocking out a small alcove behind your unit.

Here, you can hide most of your awkward cables out of sight. Alternatively, you could use a cable tie or tidy to keep everything in a neat bundle, easy to buy online. 

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