Closest Sherwin Williams Match To Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

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Closest Sherwin Williams Match To Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Today we take a closer look at Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee and Sherwin Williams, two of the most popular paint brands.

What is the closest Sherwin Williams match to Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee? Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is a shade of off-white whose closest match is Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Several other similar shades in the Sherwin Williams collection include Shellwhite, Marshmallow, and Cotton.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Thanks to its inherent warmth, Swiss Coffee works very well with various other off-whites or neutrals. Its warm undertones allow it to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in a space. Due to being a warm color, Swiss Coffee can be difficult to combine with any other cool colors.  

Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore has a slightly yellow-based hue and remains timeless and elegant. This means this color can be incorporated into a space without losing its appeal after a short period.

Swiss Coffee is an elegant color that suits various décor styles. In isolation, Swiss Coffee appears pure white. When placed alongside a starker shade of white, Swiss Coffee may appear slightly more yellow. Depending on what is placed alongside Swiss Coffee, you can create different levels of contrast.

Swiss Coffee’s undertones are yellow, grey, and green. Swiss Coffee has a creamy undertone that goes extremely well with light and dark wooden furniture and fixtures.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Vs. Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is the closest match to Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee. Swiss Coffee, however, has a slightly more yellow hue to it. It also has significantly more depth than Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

Both colors create an inviting, happy feeling in any space. They are both sufficiently bright to allow a room to feel light and airy at all times. Both colors are highly sophisticated and extremely versatile. This makes them both great colors to use in almost any space.

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee are both subtle shades of white. These colors are highly suited to tranquil, serene environments. Due to their inherent neutrality, both colors are adept at enhancing the accents of other colors.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is extremely similar to Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee. Sherwin Williams Alabaster has a yellow, gray, and beige base. Its undertone is somewhat greige. Sherwin Williams Alabaster has a similar light reflectance value to Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster has a light reflectance value of 82. Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee has a light reflectance value of 84.

Alabaster is a warm white paint color that might appear slightly creamy. It is Sherwin Williams’ most widely used white hue, and in 2016 it served as the company’s color of the year.

This color can be timeless and will give the interiors of your home a tidy, fresh backdrop. Alabaster has a warm appearance without being excessively beige or yellow. However, it complements other warm colors quite well. Alabaster does not have a significant preference for any one color in its undertones.

This makes it possible to properly match it with various other hues.

While Alabaster is a popular shade of white that complements any warm colors, it is a color that should be given careful thought when pairing it with any starker shade of white. Due to its inherent warmth, Alabaster can appear somewhat yellow when placed alongside another shade of white that is more pure and stark.

An example of this is Sherwin Williams Pure White. By placing these two colors together, for example, with Alabaster on the walls and Pure White on the trim, the stark white will bring out the warmer, yellow undertones of the Alabaster walls.

The undertones of Pure White and Alabaster are extremely similar. Due to their mild warm leanings, both hues complement each other beautifully in a single setting.

Both shades are delicate, somewhat warm whites. Pure White is brighter and is thought to be a truer white than Alabaster, which tends more toward beige.

There is a chance that the Alabaster walls could resemble cream or yellow when Pure White trim is used with them. Pure White’s starker white hue will bring attention to the Alabaster paint’s slightly creamy undertones.

Despite leaning more towards cream than white, Alabaster is still regarded as white, and putting it next to Pure White may highlight its creamy yellow hue.

Even if this isn’t necessarily terrible, it is still worth considering. Depending on the design style you are going for in your space, you might not want to emphasize the warmer yellow undertones of the Alabaster.

Alabaster has enough color because of its warm undertones to be used with Pure White trim. Combining these two colors creates a subtle contrast between the walls and trim that can be extremely aesthetically pleasing. The lighting in the particular room will determine how subtle the contrast is.


Sherwin Williams Alabaster is the closest match to Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee. Both colors have similar light reflectance values and have the same subtle warmth. Other Sherwin Williams alternatives are Shell White, Alabaster, Marshmallow, and Cotton. All of these colors are considered subtle shades of off-white.

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