Hanging Two Chandeliers Over A Dining Table – A Complete Guide

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Chandeliers are like expensive and exquisite lace.  They can be delicate and intricately made from beautiful crystal pieces.  Or bold, unique designs made from wood or glass sections.

Whichever chandelier you choose, modern or the more classical look, chandeliers will never go out of style. If it’s a bold statement you want to make in your dining area, hang two chandeliers over the dining table. 

How and when should you hang two chandeliers over the dining table?  Hang two of the same chandeliers over the dining table for a powerful décor statement.  Choose the right size chandeliers to fit the table and correctly position the chandeliers to create the perfect balance.  

Read on for some good ideas and tips on the best and correct way to hang two chandeliers over your dining table.

When Should You Hang Two Chandeliers Over The Dining Table?

Hanging two chandeliers over a dining room table will make the lighting the focal point and look amazing.   

Sometimes a massive chandelier can overpower its setting.  But opting for two chandeliers will make more of a statement without being too overwhelming.

Two chandeliers make a stunning visual statement and will look best when:

  • The dining table is long or expandable
  • The room is long and narrow
  • The room space is spacious and open plan

Positioning Two Chandeliers Over A Dining Table

positioning two chandeliers over a dining table

Firstly, you must know the exact placement of your table as the chandelier will hang above it.  Once the chandelier is suspended, the light and the table below become one unit that cannot be moved. 

Also, take into consideration the area around the dining table.   There should be enough space to walk around the chairs, even when someone is seated at the table.  Once you have decided on the table placement, the exact chandelier positioning comes next.

How Far Apart Should Chandeliers Be Over The Dining Table?

Most times, the chandelier is hung above the center of the table.  But this will change when you have chosen to hang two chandeliers.

There is no fast rule to hanging two chandeliers.  But I recommend leaving the same amount of space on each end of the table.   Place the chandeliers on the inside between these two spaces. 

The general standard height for an 8-foot ceiling room is 30 to 36 inches above the table.  For an additional foot of ceiling height, you add 3 inches to the height of the chandelier above the tabletop (9-foot ceiling, hang 33 to 39 inches above the table). 

For the right height, measure from the top of the table to the bottom of the light fixtures hanging above the table. 

How To Lengthen The Height Of The Chandeliers?

If your chandeliers hang on a chain, just make the chain longer.  If the chandeliers are on a pole, buy a longer pole in a finish that will match the light fixtures.  Some examples of these pole finishings are brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or brass extension rods.

How To Shorten The Height Of The Chandeliers?

Shorten the chandeliers’ height by shortening the chain, rod, or wires of the fixtures.  Take the links off the chain or get a shorter rod.

Can You Hang Two Different Chandeliers Over A Dining Table?

It is best to hang two of the same chandeliers above a dining table.  Chandeliers will command space, and all eyes will be drawn to them.  Hanging two of the same chandeliers will consistently achieve a balanced and attractive look.

Different Lighting Levels Of Chandeliers Over A Dining Table

Chandeliers are sources of ambient light.  This would leave the room’s corners in shadow, and the main lighting would be over the table.  

A good interior decorating tip is to hang a large mirror against the dining room wall in front of the dining table.  Mirrors will reflect the light from the beautiful chandeliers.  And in turn, this reflection will enhance the color and splendor of the table and its decorations. 

Some chandeliers have a built-in dimmer to set the lighting at different levels.  Use the different levels of light to create a cozy and warm ambiance. 

In modern chandeliers, the chandelier light bulbs which are similar to the shape of a candle, have LED variants.  These light bulbs replicate the same brilliant glow of incandescent bulbs and are energy savers.


Hanging two chandeliers over the dining table creates a powerful statement and will look stunning.  Ensure that the dining table is the correct length to accommodate two chandeliers. 

The chandeliers should be the right size for the dining table to create a spectacular showpiece.

A balanced and aesthetically lovely look can be achieved when the chandeliers are hung at the correct height.  Spacing between the chandeliers is also essential to create a stylish and symmetrical look.

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