5 Stunning Wall Colors That Go With White Dove Cabinets

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Benjamin Moore (BM) White Dove is a popular color with many interior designers and individuals remodeling their homes. Many use it on walls, cabinets, and trim, to name a few areas.

What Wall Colors Go With White Cabinets

What wall colors go well with white dove cabinets? White Dove is a classic, luminous, warm shade of white. They will look beautiful alongside walls painted in other shades of white, neutrals, darker colors, and daring, funky shades. White Dove cabinets represent a blank canvas when painting your walls. I love to pair it with Super White, Balboa Mist, Thunder, Stained Glass or Firenze from Benjamin Moore.

Which Wall Colors Will Match White Dove Cabinets?

Which Wall Colors Will Match White Dove Cabinets

White Dove is possibly one of the most popular and versatile white colors. It is a soft, warm shade of white and has a creamy feel to it. The shade has slight undertones of grey and green in it.

While the gray cools it down slightly, the green adds a tad of warmth, giving it the perfect amount of warmth for your room.

Warm White Dove cabinets leave the canvas blank for your choice of the wall color. Almost any color will match these beauties. Your design can become a work of art by carrying your color scheme through accessories, trim, moldings, and fittings.

But perhaps you’re not a designer and need some solid ideas on wall colors. We will look at five colors that pair well with Dove White. These examples range from shades of white to daring and funky. They represent only a few examples, as the possibilities are endless with this versatile color.

While we will refer to the colors by their Benjamin Moore shades, similar colors in other ranges will work as well.

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) plays a part in colors that pair well together. LRV is the amount of light a color reflects. A color can score between zero and 100. The higher the score, the lighter the color will look. Black is at zero, and pure white is 100.

Here are my favorite pairings:

1. White Can Pair Well With White Dove Cabinets

You might think using a contrasting color on your walls with White Dove cabinets is necessary.

But a bright white like BM Super White complements it beautifully, bringing out the warmth in the White Dove color. They both have high LRVs, creating a bright, airy atmosphere. It is also calming and welcoming.

2. Pale Gray Makes A Good Match With White Dove

For a light color pairing with White Dove, a very pale gray like BM Balboa Mist is a great choice. It has warm undertones and goes with a variety of design styles. It also pairs well with other colors and textures in the room because of its neutrality.

3. Medium Gray Walls Suit White Dove Cabinets

Medium Gray Walls Suit White Dove Cabinets

Medium gray may be a bland description of this mid-tone match for your lovely White Dove cabinets. The BM name for the shade that pairs so well is Thunder.

It’s a more prominent color than the pale shade of Balboa Mist but still relatively neutral. Its neutrality makes it adaptable to various design styles.

Thunder, or mid-gray, has beige, gray, and green undertones. The White Dove shade emphasizes the green undertones, but its prominence will depend on the room’s lighting, furniture, and flooring.

4. Which Dark Color Pairs With White Dove?

A dark color that pairs especially well with White Dove is a bluish-teal called Stained Glass. It is a rich color with some green in it and beautifully complements the White Dove’s warmth. It has an LRV of 13.15.

Stained Glass lends a classic elegance to the space when paired with the White Dove cabinets. It is a more traditional wall color pairing.

5. Let’s Get Brave!

The final example of colors that blend well with White Dove cabinets is a little more daring. The BM Affinity range has a shade called Firenze. It’s a rosy, clay-like orange shade. The color really pops, creating a rich, warm glow.

White Dove and Firenze, or a similar brick color, complement each other with their warmth. It’s dynamic, bright, and fun.

Other Things To Consider With White Dove Cabinets

Other Things To Consider With White Dove Cabinets

White Dove goes well with greige colors. Never heard of greige? Greige represents combinations of gray and beige, which are usually warmer shades. White Dove pairs less well with cooler gray shades or blue-grays.

White Dove cabinets will look stunning in darker rooms, adding light and warmth. It also looks beautiful with warm natural woods like honey oak.

White Dove looks brighter in southern-facing rooms, showing the warmer undertones in the paint. On the other hand, north-facing rooms will make the gray undertones more apparent.

White Dove is a lovely shade for cabinets, but think twice before pairing it with white quartz or marble countertops. It could look dingy against those rich surfaces.

Get some samples if you still don’t trust your instincts when choosing a color for your walls. While many hardware and paint stores keep small sample cards, you can also get large peel-and-stick samples. They will give you a more realistic idea of how the color will look on the wall.

Final Thoughts

White Dove is such a versatile color that you can paint your walls a variety of colors without it looking mismatched. Remember that choosing a matching shade of white or another light shade will add warmth and light to darker rooms. But mid-tone and darker colors will also complement the White Dove cabinets, giving it a classic, elegant feel.

Also, remember that the colors you choose for the walls in your home should reflect your personality. It’s no good having a picture-perfect kitchen that leaves you feeling uncomfortable because it’s not you. Choose a color that makes you feel at home in your home!

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