10 Best Color Schemes For Kitchens With Hickory Cabinets


Choosing Hickory cabinets for your kitchen is an excellent choice. This wood’s durability and timeless beauty bring a long-lasting appeal to classical and country-styled kitchens.

10 Best Color Schemes For Kitchens With Hickory Cabinets

When paired with complementary colors, the exquisite beauty of Hickory wood will be the focal point in any kitchen.

Which color schemes are best for kitchens with Hickory Cabinets? Neutral colors are the best to use to showcase your Hickory cabinets. Neutral shades of white, gray, black, and taupe, and cool colors like green, blue, gray purple, and burgundy. Also, pair this wood with warm colors like maroon and rust.

You have chosen the perfect wood cabinets for your kitchen. Now pair this lovely wood with gorgeous color schemes to showcase and highlight the beauty of your Hickory cabinets.

What Color Schemes Goes Best With Hickory Kitchen Cabinets?

Hickory wood has a medium-brown, reddish hue, with yellow or gold highlights. This wood has naturally warm undertones with black streaks or knots running through the wood. The beautiful rustic look of Hickory wood is ideal for kitchen cabinets. It is best paired with natural, warm, and cool color palettes.

When choosing a color scheme to match your Hickory cabinets, decide what you want as the focal point of your kitchen. Do you want to complement the warmness of the Hickory wood with neutral colors? Or do you want to pair the cabinets with contrasting cool or warm colors?

Whichever option you choose, they should all enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Below are some excellent choices for color schemes to pair with Hickory Wood.

Hickory Cabinets Looks Good with Neutral Colors

Hickory Cabinets Looks Good with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are the best to use to showcase your Hickory cabinets, as these colors will not overwhelm the beautiful wood. These colors will make your kitchen feel welcoming and relaxing. You can choose neutral shades for the walls, ceilings, and kitchen flooring.

1. White Compliments Hickory Cabinets

If you choose white granite or quartz countertops, this will look beautiful when paired with hickory cabinets. The white countertop gives the kitchen a modern and contemporary look.

Paint the walls and ceiling white for a balanced look. You can add splashes of color, like turquoise, to roller shades, kitchen ornaments, splash tiles, and tea towels.

2. Gray Looks Beautiful With Hickory Cabinets

You can use shades of gray to complement your Hickory kitchen cabinets. Choose a dark gray wooden flooring paired with a lighter gray and white speckled countertop. Paint the walls a dove grey and keep the ceilings and splash tiles white. The overall look will be dramatic and in vogue.

3. Black Pairs Well With Hickory Cabinets

Stunning black granite countertops will bring out the beauty of your Hickory kitchen cabinets. Choose a black or dark gray colored flooring to match the countertops.  

Add a cool color to the walls. You can opt for a soft sage green or pale azure blue. Team this color scheme with black kitchen accessories like the refrigerator, stove, and microwave. The look will be stunning!

4. Taupe Complements Hickory Cabinets

Taupe is the color between gray and brown and looks terrific when paired with beautiful Hickory wood. You can choose taupe-speckled countertops and a darker shade of taupe for the flooring.

Taupe will add warmth to your kitchen color scheme. Paint the walls a pale yellow to create a fresh and inviting ambiance. Add more shades of taupe to the splash tiles.

Hickory Cabinets Paired With Cool Colors

Hickory Cabinets Paired With Cool Colors

Cool color schemes like greens and blues dampen the warm and rustic look of Hickory cabinets. Cool colors will bring a calming and relaxing but reserved feel to your kitchen.

5. Pair Moss Green With Hickory Cabinets

Painting your walls a lovely shade of moss green will look gorgeous against the medium brown and gold highlights of Hickory wood. You can choose taupe or dark gray countertops and paint the ceiling white. Taupe and beige colored splash tiles will complement the countertop and cabinets.

If preferred, use a neutral white on countertops, with a darker shade of moss green for the splash tiles. The splash of white will complement the cabinets and green walls.

6. Blue Hues Look Great With Hickory Cabinets

You can choose a pale blue, aquamarine, or a deeper blue to pair with Hickory kitchen cabinets. Blue is an excellent background for the walls to highlight the lovely wood grain of your cabinets. You can choose a dark brown color for the flooring and paint the ceiling white.

Add beige and brown countertops and dark wood flooring. Use shades of blue in kitchen ornaments, drapes, or blinds.

7. Gray Purple Gives Hickory Cabinets A Pop Of Color

Be bold and give your kitchen a color lift with a gray purple shade for the walls that will enhance the beauty of the cabinets. Pair this with gray flooring, black countertops, and dark gray splash tiles.

This look will be a stunning combination of lovely bold colors. Continue the gray purple color scheme in kitchen ornaments, dish towels, and appliances.

8. Burgundy Embraces Hickory Wood Cabinets

Burgundy, with its purple undertones, is a cool color that embraces the warm tones of Hickory wood. Paint the walls burgundy, and pair it with dark gray countertops and light gray splash tiles.

You can choose dark gray or brown wooden flooring. Burgundy is a mature shade that is perfect for a country kitchen. Add some bold printed burgundy, white, and gray roller blinds for a splash of brightness to the room.

Hickory Cabinets And Warm Colors

Hickory Cabinets And Warm Colors

If the darker tones in your Hickory cabinets lean towards yellow, orange, red, or brown, avoid warm colors like bright yellows and oranges. If the wood tones are more neutral, you can choose colors with deep red tones, like rust or maroon.

9. Maroon Is Bold And Dramatic Paired With Hickory Cabinets

Maroon has undertones of brown, so it goes beautifully with the brown-reddish hue of Hickory cabinets. Burgundy is naturally bold and dramatic, and the cabinets will look lovely against this gorgeous color.

Paint the ceilings white and use taupe-colored countertops and splash tiles. You can choose a lovely dark brown wood for the flooring.

10. Rust Highlights The Beauty Of Hickory

Paint the walls a rust color to highlight the golden and red undertones of the Hickory wood. Choose beige and brown speckled countertops with beige splash tiles.

Pair this color scheme with light brown wooden flooring. Add some lovely green herbs in pots to the windowsill for a soft contrasting touch.


The 10 best color schemes to pair with Hickory kitchen cabinets are colors in a neutral, cool, and warm palette. Neutral colors like white, taupe, black, and gray bring a soothing feel to the kitchen.

Also, pair Hickory with cool colors for a calming and subdued feel to a kitchen that will showcase the lovely kitchen cabinets. Colors like green, blue, gray purple and burgundy are beautifully paired with this wood. Warm colors bring an inviting and cozy feel to a kitchen. Hickory wood looks good with warm colors like maroon and rust.

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