The Recommended Chandelier Height for a 20-foot Ceiling

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Selecting the right height for your Chandelier is important, as you do not want people bumping their heads into it when they pass under it, nor do you want it blocking the view of people sitting at a dining room table.

What is the recommended chandelier height for a 20-foot ceiling? A chandelier hanging over a dining room table should hover about 30 to 36 inches from the table. A chandelier hanging where people pass underneath should always hang at least 11 feet from the floor. 

Recommended chandelier height for 20foot ceiling

Why Is This the Recommended Height?

The classic seven-foot rule keeps passersby from bumping their heads when traveling under the living room or entryway chandelier. Positioning dining room chandeliers 30 to 36 inches above the table means dinner guests can see each other while eating.

If your room’s height is above eight feet, add three inches for every additional foot of your room. In a 20-foot room, that is an additional 36 inches of hanging height needed or three additional feet. Therefore, I recommend hanging a chandelier 11-feet from the floor.

However, recommended heights may not be relevant for your exact room situation. Continue reading to understand all considerations for hanging a chandelier.

What Are Other Considerations for Hanging a Chandelier?

A chandelier is often an attention-grabbing piece of decor. That makes it even worse when you hang them incorrectly! Think through the decision to hang a chandelier completely by considering these important factors.

What Are the Chandelier Sizes?

Chandeliers are used to command space of any size. From a tiny and intimate powder room to a soaring great room, chandeliers make a mark. However, a wrong-sized chandelier can be a disaster and an eyesore. 

To start, precisely measure the square footage of the room in which you wish to hang a chandelier. Take a tape measure and measure the length and width of this chosen room. Use this same tool to measure the height of your ceilings as well.

What Are the Recommended Chandelier Widths?

If your waterfall, drum, Sputnik, or another type of chandelier is freely floating in space, the equation is simple. Add the two numbers of the length and width of your space together. That figure will determine the ideal chandelier width for that room.

For example, if your room size is 10 feet by 14 feet, your ideal chandelier width is 24 inches wide. This is a simple rule of thumb you can easily apply to your room of choice.

Take note if your chandelier is hanging above a dining table, kitchen island, or other gathering space. Make sure your chandelier is at least a foot narrower than the width of the furniture it hangs above. This will ensure no one grazes your chandelier when rising from the table.

What Are the Recommended Chandelier Heights?

Try another simple equation to determine the ideal height for the chandelier you choose. After measuring the height of your ceiling, multiply that number of feet by three.

This means a 20-foot ceiling could support a chandelier that is 60 inches (or five feet) tall. This perspective will help you determine if a chandelier is in your budget. 

A right-sized chandelier is important to maintain balance and proper perspective in your space. To double-check your math, use an online chandelier size calculator to measure your room’s chandelier size.

What Should I Consider for Room Choice?

What should I consider for room choice

Classic locations for a chandelier include dangling over a formal dining table or welcoming visitors to the foyer. Homeowners should explore more unorthodox spaces to host a chandelier as well.

Warm up your dining spaces with a chandelier over your dining table, kitchen island, or bar area. This classic lighting option lends an elegant, cozy glow to the locations for entertaining. 

Consider hanging multiple chandeliers along the length of a kitchen island, dining table, or bar. These long spaces benefit from zones of warm light. Space each fixture about 30 inches apart. If your island or bar is extra-long, you can position more than two chandeliers every 30 inches.

Add an elegant touch to unexpected places by adding a chandelier to your powder room. These small bathrooms are the perfect location for delicate, vintage chandeliers. You can make a statement with powder room lighting.

If adding a chandelier above a bathtub, make sure it hangs eight feet above the tub. Bathroom chandeliers should lie at least three feet from the edge of your tub or shower for safety purposes. Confirm the chandelier you choose is wet-rated or approved for washrooms.

Welcome guests into your home with a chandelier. A foyer chandelier serves as the entry’s focal point. You can ground a large foyer with a round table underneath. Small entries benefit from the subtle glow of a centered chandelier. If your foyer is two stories, ensure the fixture is level with the second floor.

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