Black Tile With Grey Grout Or Contrasting?

Should You Use Black Tile With Grey Grout Or Contrasting?

Choosing tiles can be an equally exciting and daunting experience. Adding grout into the decision-making process can really make things more difficult. Various grout colors are available, and each will create a completely different final result for your tiles. It’s important to understand the effects that grouting can have on … Read more

What color grout to use with gray tile

What Color Grout To Use With Gray Tile?

Grout (despite how insignificant it seems) can change the entire look of a room.  Whether you want a neutral color scheme with barely-noticeable grout or eye-catching detail, grout is an often-forgotten renovation staple. Gray is the latest color sensation in the home-reno world. The approachable neutral tone is classy, refined, … Read more

tile and grout Color Combinations

Tile and Grout Color Combinations

If you are looking to add another splash of color to your room, you could consider the tile flooring as a starting space. The floor offers a great anchor to really pull an entire room together.  However, what combinations are best? Here are my favorite tile and grout color combinations: … Read more