Designer Picks: 6 Best Backsplash Ideas For Busy Granite


Durable, robust and eye-catching, busy granite remains hugely popular with homeowners.

However, patterned and flecked stone will typically need a relaxed counterpart to balance its busy aesthetic!

6 Best Backsplash Ideas For Busy Granite

Here are a few of the best backsplash ideas for busy granite worth considering:

  • Match it with (less busy) granite!
  • Try subway tiling in a neutral color.
  • Use flat colors to emphasize your granite’s depth.
  • Install variegated tiles to blend with busy patterns.
  • Go full luxury with a touch of marble.

Pro Tip: Embrace the Beauty of Busy Granite

As a designer, I’ve always admired the unique charm of busy granite. Its random, naturally-occurring patterns can add an exciting aesthetic to any kitchen. However, it’s important to balance this busy aesthetic with a more relaxed counterpart. So, if you’re considering busy granite for your countertops, think about pairing it with a solid color backsplash to create a harmonious look.

What is busy granite?

what is busy granite

‘Busy granite’ is a name used to describe a type of non-uniform, natural stone. Rather than being manufactured for uniformity, busy granite worktops boast random, naturally-occurring patterns at the forefront.

For many homeowners, this type of granite countertop helps to create a more exciting aesthetic. Used properly, it can help to increase the value of your kitchen and may help add to a luxury appeal.

Balancing and complementing busy granite can be tricky. It’s important not to overwhelm the visual appeal of your kitchen. You’ll also need to consider whether you’d like to blend busy granite with a similar color and style, or to help it stand out.

What are some backsplash ideas that work well with busy granite?

Both material and color matter greatly when it comes to complementing busy granite. Should you choose tiles or solid stone? Here are a few ideas that work wonderfully in practice. 

Pro Tip: Consider the Material and Color of Your Backsplash

In my experience, both the material and color of your backsplash can greatly influence how well it complements busy granite. For instance, subway tiles in a neutral color can help calm down the chaos of busy granite. Or, if you prefer a more natural look, variegated tiles can blend well with the random patterns of the granite. Remember, the goal is to enhance the beauty of your granite, not compete with it.


Blending granite with granite may seem a lazy choice, but it’s great for enhancing uniformity. A busy granite worktop is easy to ‘reign in’ with manufactured granite, i.e., with a solid look and surface.

As a backsplash, granite is still wonderfully protective and hard-wearing. Granite’s visual possibilities are also near endless, meaning you can create a unique kitchen setup from scratch. The only major drawback to granite-on-granite is the potentially escalating cost.

Solid colors

Before even considering whether you’d like tiles or solid stone, I’d recommend you lean towards a flat, solid color. Pairing one pattern up against another may cause visual chaos!

Choose a color and tone that reflects the depth of your granite. For example, a dark-toned granite worktop will likely complement well with mild tones and colors. Consider delicate yellow shades or cream and white.

Once you have a solid color in mind, you can then start to research tile options or other natural stones.

Subway tiles

subway tiles

Delicate, simple subway tiles make for a quick backsplash that complements various stone worktops. Busy granite will benefit immediately from the neutral finish of a subway backsplash, as it’ll calm down the chaos.

A potential drawback is color restriction. These tiles typically arrive in white or cream, and therefore neutral to a fault. It’s worth considering subway tiles if you aim to bring out your granite and calm down the pattern.

You should also consider installing subway tiles as a backsplash if you’re on a budget and if you value convenience. While considered an ‘entry-level’ look by some, few backsplash tiles are as easy to clean and maintain.

Variegated tiles

Variegated tiles are great alternatives to subway options in that they still provide a delicate aesthetic. However, these tiles are creamier and appear more natural than mass-produced subway tiling.

Variegated tiles don’t tend to create gloss or glare and tend to work well with random patterns. If you’d like to match busy granite with a natural backsplash that still mutes its pattern, variegated is easy to pair.

A variegated option may arrive in porcelain, meaning it will be considerably more delicate than your average tiles. If maintenance and exceptional TLC are off the table for your kitchen, consider a different look.


Marble, much like granite, is busy and often completely unexpected. Pairing this stone with granite countertops is risky, but can create a unique, luxury aesthetic leaning on the natural.

Many homeowners choose to pair marble with granite for the near-unbeatable heat protection combo. However, it’s important to add marble carefully to any kitchen space.

Careful accents of marble can blend with and highlight granite well, but you risk visual overload. You’ll need to consider a ‘less is more’ approach, or you’ll risk creating a garish, dated look.

Be sure to budget, as both marble and granite are quite expensive. Ultimately, pairing these stones together will create a bespoke level of luxury that’s hard to ignore (at a cost).


Glass isn’t the first choice on many kitchen owners’ lists for backsplash tiling, but it can make a big difference. Glass is the ultimate neutral material, in that its transparency allows for nearly unlimited matching.

Glass tiles are also surprisingly inexpensive. If you’d prefer to reserve your kitchen refurbishment budget for your busy granite, you can effectively save money with glazing.

Glass tiles arrive in generic transparent or in various colors, giving you a wide opportunity to get creative. Glazing will help to balance the elegance of your busy granite while allowing it to take center stage.

Take caution, as glass isn’t particularly heat resistant. While incredibly versatile, it’s not always the most practical material to use as a backsplash. Do also consider how a transparent backsplash will look up against your current wall and paint.

Pro Tip: Don’t Overwhelm Your Space

One thing I’ve learned from working with busy granite is that less is often more. If you’re considering pairing it with another busy material like marble, be careful not to overwhelm your space. A few careful accents of marble can blend with and highlight the granite well, but too much can create a garish, dated look. Always prioritize balance and harmony in your design choices.


faqs Best Backsplash Ideas For Busy Granite

Is the busy granite worktop outdated?

Granite has moved in and out of fashion over the years, but is still seen as a luxury choice for kitchen counters. Busy granite may be out of vogue due to its immense popularity over the past decade, therefore rendering it a less ‘unique’ look.

Trends in lighter, airier kitchens took granite out of the frame for many people, too. However, trends always come back around!

What’s the most popular color of busy granite?

According to Granite Selection, Andromeda White, Amadeus Blue, and Nordic Black are among the most popular shades (as of publishing). There’s also a growing trend in gold granite for added shimmer.

Neutrality and matte finishing are also highly popular with homeowners in the New 20s. Toning down busy granite patterns, with careful backsplashes or otherwise, is growing ever trendier. 

Of course, you don’t have to follow trends, but it’s always worth knowing what experts recommend!

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