Perfect Match: Backsplash for Taj Mahal Quartzite


Natural stone countertops are some of the most stunning choices for any kitchen, and quartzite is enduringly popular.

As an alternative to granite and marble, quartzite is easier to maintain and just as stunning.

But how do you complement it?

backsplash with taj mahal quartzite

For example, what backsplash goes with Taj Mahal quartzite? You should look carefully for soft, warm tones for the best effects, but this material is impressively versatile. Below, I’ll take you through what to look for and what you need to know.

Pro Tip #1:
When choosing a backsplash for your Taj Mahal quartzite countertop, don’t forget to consider the lighting in your kitchen. I’ve found that the way natural light interacts with your chosen color can dramatically change its appearance. Always try a sample in your kitchen first, and observe it at different times of the day to see how it looks under varying light conditions.

What backsplash should I pair with Taj Mahal quartzite?

backsplash pair with taj mahal quartzite

You’ll need to consider, firstly, material and texture. Would you like to create additional depth to your kitchen, or do you simply wish to complement your worktops? If it’s the former, look for mosaic tiling before considering colors and shades.

Of course, it’s also good to consider whether or not you’re complementing at all. By matching up color and material (such as additional quartzite), you’ll create luxurious symmetry that’s easy on the eye.

Benefits to contrasting with Taj Mahal quartzite, conversely, include added depth. By cleverly pairing a deeper or bolder tone, you can help your kitchen suite look bigger.

Whenever considering a new backsplash, always be careful with costs and potential maintenance. Glass tiles, for example, may look great with quartzite, but won’t withstand intense heat.

Some tiles, too, especially those in a mosaic style, will demand specific grouting. This will not only add to cost, but will also provide further work for you to attend to later on in time.

Pro Tip #2:
While selecting a backsplash, remember that it’s not just about the aesthetics, but also about practicality. I’ve learned from experience that some materials, like glass tiles, may look stunning but they don’t hold up well against intense heat. So, always consider the durability and maintenance requirements of the backsplash material in addition to its visual appeal.

How do I choose the best color of backsplash for Taj Mahal quartzite?

Typically, milder, more neutral colors pair best with this type of quartzite. However, you can easily match and contrast with blues and silvers, too. 

The best course of action to take is to ‘try before you buy’. If you can, take a sample of color tile and see how it looks paired up against your quartzite countertops.

This is recommended when accounting for light. It’s easy to assume how a specific color may look against your quartzite when shopping! However, think carefully about how natural light peels into your kitchen.

Do also be careful with other units you may have in your kitchen. Does your chosen color distract from or complement any cabinets installed up and down?

The great news is that Taj Mahal quartzite is one of the least problematic kitchen materials. It’s very easy to match up with neutral shades and will easily stand on its own. Be careful, of course, choosing any particularly bold or bright tones, or doubling down on patterns.

Pro Tip #3:

When pairing a backsplash with Taj Mahal quartzite, I’ve found that contrast can be just as beautiful as matching. For instance, a deeper or bolder tone can add depth and make your kitchen appear larger. However, remember that the quartzite should always be the star. So, if you’re going for a contrasting color, ensure it doesn’t overpower the beauty of your quartzite countertop.”

Let’s take a closer look at a few backsplash color options that work fantastically with Taj Mahal quartzite.


white backsplash

Obvious and straightforward, white is the ‘safest’ choice for pairing with Taj Mahal quartzite. Like the material, it’s unproblematic and will pair widely with a variety of colors, shades and textures.

White, like TMQ, is also ‘evergreen’ as design choices go. It’s likely to withstand years of use without appearing dated or tired. You can easily complement quartzite with white backsplash tiles as well as cabinets and other units.


Gray is a highly underrated color in the kitchen that gets an unfair reputation for being ‘boring’. Working together with Taj Mahal quartzite, a gray backsplash may actually change the look of your countertop.

Of course, be careful not to choose a shade of gray that’s too deep or intense. The aim is not to overpower the look of your TMQ, but rather to match up and blend in this case. Even when contrasting, your quartzite should still always be the star.


Beige is a classic neutral choice that offers a deep hue. This works wonderfully with Taj Mahal quartzite as it will continue a pleasant, visual narrative. This pairing of backsplash and countertop flows effortlessly.

You may also wish to consider a ‘greige’ look for your backsplash. If so, be careful with lighting – as some mixes are highly reflective, and can change the power of your pairing.


While silver may seem a little too dramatic and thus steal quartzite’s thunder, it actually works hand in hand. Used effectively, a silver backsplash can help to make your kitchen look bigger than it is.

This effect is much the same as you’d expect from using mirrors elsewhere in the home. Thankfully, silver will reflect and boost the visual power of your Taj Mahal quartzite, not overpower it.


faq backsplash goes with taj mahal quartzite

Is Taj Mahal quartzite a warm or cool color?

Generally, Taj Mahal quartzite is a warm-colored stone, though its tones and shades may vary. With this in mind, you’ll need to look for equally warm colors and finishes for your backsplash. There are some exceptions, such as using glass or silver tiling to complement.

Can a backsplash help to make Taj Mahal quartzite timeless?

Taj Mahal quartzite is unlikely to fade from popularity, but white or cream tiles will support its longevity. Opt for neutral shapes and shades, focusing primarily on keeping the visual journey ‘complete’.

What’s a safe way to match a Taj Mahal quartzite countertop with a backsplash?

The safest way to match and blend Taj Mahal quartzite with a backsplash is to look at similar shades and tones. You could consider off-whites and grays, for example. Ultimately, the safest option is to let your quartzite take center stage.

This is why choosing bolder blues and brighter colors isn’t always recommended when matching up!

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