Color Rug Goes With A Blue Couch

What Color Rug Goes With A Blue Couch? 7 Great Ideas

Blue is not only a superb wall and flooring color, it can be super calming in furniture, too. But how do you pair a blue couch with a rug or carpet piece? For example, if you have a hardwood floor and a blue sofa, it’s worth thinking carefully about accessories … Read more

What Colors Complement Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray

What Colors Complement Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray?

Gray is a surprisingly versatile color, and blends such as the highly popular Edgecomb Gray really push the envelope. Benjamin Moore’s interior design staple is a calming, neutral ‘greige’ that offers an earthy grounding to various shades. But, what colors complement Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray the best? Consider looking into … Read more

backsplash with taj mahal quartzite

Perfect Match: Backsplash for Taj Mahal Quartzite

Natural stone countertops are some of the most stunning choices for any kitchen, and quartzite is enduringly popular. As an alternative to granite and marble, quartzite is easier to maintain and just as stunning. But how do you complement it? For example, what backsplash goes with Taj Mahal quartzite? You … Read more

Quarry Gray vs Estate Gray

Quarry Gray vs Estate Gray: A Comprehensive Guide

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6 Best Backsplash Ideas For Busy Granite

Designer Picks: 6 Best Backsplash Ideas For Busy Granite

Durable, robust and eye-catching, busy granite remains hugely popular with homeowners. However, patterned and flecked stone will typically need a relaxed counterpart to balance its busy aesthetic! Here are a few of the best backsplash ideas for busy granite worth considering: Pro Tip: Embrace the Beauty of Busy Granite As … Read more

Can A Door Be Different Colors On Each Side

Can A Door Be Different Colors On Each Side? Home Decor 101

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Pros and Cons of a Stove Under a Window

Is It Safe? Pros And Cons Of A Stove Under A Window

Setting up your kitchen for the first time can be very exciting! However, you need to balance visual appeal with practicality. Your ideal setup may look great, but can you easily move around your suite? Have you considered where to hook up your stove? Here are some pros and cons … Read more